Fantastic Race is an interactive, clue-based adventure game. Or as one recent participant put it, “a scavenger hunt on steroids.” It’s like Amazing Race meets Ready Player One, but instead of watching it, you’re actually living it. It is immersive and completely addictive, and unlike anything you’ve done before.
Fantastic Race® is a competition where teams of two or more start off at a common location, receive the first of a series of cool clues which leads them to a second location where they’ll receive a second clue and so on. But these ain’t your mamma’s clues. They’re tricky, sometimes very tricky. Not only that but often you won’t even know what they are; the trick may be in actually finding the clue. The team that solves all the clues and crosses the finish line in the least amount of time is the winner.
Not necessarily.  As we said, Fantastic Race® is a tricky game. Often participants need aid. We are happy to provide assistance, but it’s not free. Hints will cost a team 5 minutes, outright solutions cost teams 15 minutes. Frequently a team crossing the finish line first has had a number of hints; so that team is not always the winner.
Among the many things that make Fantastic Race® so unique is that once the race begins, you are never told what to do. It’s up to you to trust your instincts and figure it out. Figuring it out can be challenging; but, you don’t have to be a member of Mensa or a rocket scientist to prevail at the game. You do have to have to have some problem-solving skills and a flexible brain. Also, it is a race; so if you’re competitive, you’ll be running around. Again, you don’t have to be a triathlete to compete, but if getting up from the couch and getting a beer is about all the exercise you can handle, you may prefer to hear about how cool Fantastic Race is from your satisfied friends.
All teams will be provided with a phone number that has a direct link to Fantastic Race® “mission control.” If you need help with a clue and/or get lost, you can call mission control. Of course this call comes at a price.
That’s sad, but not a problem as far as we are concerned. We will happily place individuals on teams. Many lasting friendships have come from players assigned to teams. (Though we make no guarantees.) Incidentally, unless determined otherwise in advance, a team is defined as two or more and 8 or less. (Though we have been known to make exceptions.)
We have found that teams of 4 are optimal. However, the most successful teams are those that can work together without too much bickering. (A little bickering during Fantastic Race® is expected, even encouraged.) Team size doesn’t matter. So, if you’re a duo that can’t drive to the market without a major conflagration, you may be better off asking some other folks to come along and play (if only to keep you separate). If however, you get along as well as the parents of the creators of Fantastic Race®, you should call a divorce attorney. Kidding again. You’ll be fine.
Each game is priced differently. And we offer a bunch of ways to get discounts on many of them. (Please click here for the current sign up info.) Unless stated otherwise, however, the price for all races includes a full day of racing, prizes for top finishers, and post-race snack and beverage.
Absolutely. We specialize in private games. Fantastic Race® makes an awesome corporate retreat, team-building event, fund-raiser, alternative to the same old Hawaiian theme party, you name it. The private events are tailor made, so prices vary depending upon the number of participants and the sophistication of the event. Contact us to set one up!
You can purchase tickets online here. Choose the game you want, and get ready for a great experience. We look forward to seeing you at the starting line.